Wednesday, August 17, 2016

THE PA MELTING POT :PENNSYLVANIA: The first group of Germans settling in PA came from (Rhineland, Palatinate, Württemberg, Baden, and German Switzerland) SOUTHWESTERN GERMANY

Germans began coming to Pennsylvania in large numbers at the end of the 1600s. Pennsylvania was the top destination for German immigrants arriving in Colonial North America. They settled first in the eastern counties and later migrated to western Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. Many Pennsylvania Germans also migrated later to North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois.

By the 1850's Pennsylvania had the largest German 

population in the new United States


Bavaria (Swabian) Baden-Baden Pastries

Swabian food     Schweinebraten mit kartoffelsalat

Baden-Wurttemberg and Swabian food   

The (Badische Schneckensuppe) (Palatinate food) snail soup is a traditional dish of Baden's cuisine. Ingredients are snails and shallots.

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