Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Pa Melting Pot - Part 2 - Great Britain - Part 1 - Ireland

These immigrants came to western PA in two 

waves because of religious persecution, the

potato famine …

Please see photos of Ireland at bottom of post. 

Irish Catholics
  • 1800’s and on
  • By 1850 10,000 in Pittsburgh
  • Settled in Pittsburgh and southwestern PA
  • From Ulster in Northern Ireland
  • Others came from Leinster, Munster and Connaught
  • Area’s first most significant Catholic influx
  • Tradesmen
  • The Protestant hold on Pittsburgh created an anti-Catholic sentiment
  • Late 19th century emerged as a force of their own
  • 17 % of the southwestern PA population claim Irish as part of their heritage. 
Popular Irish foods:  Potato Onion Soup, Irish style; Dublin Coddle (potatoes, pork, ham); Colcannon (potatoes, kale, leeks), etc.  The Irish also used recipes with cabbage: boiled cabbage with smoked pork butt, Irish boiled dinner (brisket, cabbage, beer, potatoes).  The Hunters left legacies of lamb & beef dishes such as Irish Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb, Lamb Stew and Steak and Potato Pie. The Fisherman provided Irish smoked Fish & Rice with Saffron (Kedgeree) and Scallop and Mushroom Pie.  The farmers left the legacy of Irish Soda Bread, Oat Bread, Potato recipes, Irish Peas...  Irish desserts:  Donegal Oatmeal Cream, Chocolate Potato Cake, Apple Amber (pastry, apples, meringue). 


Potato Onion Soup, Irish style

Dublin Coddle (potatoes, pork, ham)

Boiled cabbage with smoked pork butt
Irish boiled dinner (brisket, cabbage, beer, potatoes)  
Irish Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb
 Steak and Potato Pie
(recipe says it is English but it is Irish, too)
Scallop and Mushroom Pie
LINK TO  recipe for Scallop and Mushroom 
Irish Soda Bread and Oat or Oatmeal Bread
   LINKS TO Oatmeal Bread below
 Irish Mushy Peas
LINK TO Irish american mom's mushy pea recipe
...  Irish desserts:  
                              Donegal Oatmeal Cream
                              Chocolate Potato Cake
                      LINK Chocolate-Potato-Cake
Apple Amber (pastry, apples, meringue)